Holidays and Make up Classes for December-January

December is almost here which means the Christmas season is right around the corner! Plus, after Christmas, we’ll be celebrating the brand new year. As we welcome the yuletide season and the year 2020, there are a lot of festivities to look forward to, most especially the holidays.

As most holidays fall on school days, having no classes can not be helped. Here are the holidays that will have suspended classes this December and January:

December 25, 2019: Christmas Day (Wednesday)

December 30, 2019: Rizal Day (Monday)

December 31, 2019: Special Non-Working Holiday/ New Year’s Eve (Tuesday)

January 1, 2020: New Year’s Day (Wednesday)

With this, makeup classes are already scheduled for term A and B students. Instead of extending regular classes until Saturdays, the makeup classes are one-hour extensions on regular class days for a certain duration. These extensions are set from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM. The schedule is set in a way where students and teachers can still have free time on their Saturdays. 

Please be advised that the school will be following the regular class and office hours on December 24. 

Schedule of Makeup classes

For term A students:

December 16-27 (except for December 24 and 25)

For Term B students:

December 26 to January 09 (except December 30 and January 01)

For both Term A and B students:

December 28, 2019 (Saturday)

For future changes in the schedule, please refer to the updates posted on the bulletin boards.