Maximum exposure, greater improvement

One of the greatest foundations of the academy is the diversity of its courses and materials, which were formed and authored by its very own curriculum developers and teachers. Considering the broadening market Monol is catering to, the creation of an all-encompassing and culturally adaptive framework for its course materials has become necessary. Through these, the academy assures maximum exposure to the language and greater improvement.

In a decade that Monol has thrived in providing English language courses to ESL learners, the academy has gained enough experience to learn the studying habits, capacities, and culture of its students. With additional research, it was able to form and create course materials, which are specific to a diversifying student demographic. Further, each course has its unique methodology, framework, and approach but is, all the same, geared towards a more comfortable use of the English language inside and outside of classrooms.

Monol has six stages of trainings for teachers with scopes that range from general to more specific courses and subjects. During the teachers’ term of service, a minimum of one hour a day is devoted for trainings. In one year and two months of service, teachers can go through a series of trainings to competently facilitate courses.

Apart from the materials prepared by the academy for the students’ needs, regular and consistent counseling is given to each student on the methods of properly studying English, which help reach their goals.

  • Comprehensive and Dynamic Curriculums

  • Continuous Enhancement Trainings for Teachers

  • Flexible and Diversified Learning Options


MONOL International Education Institute is one of the longest-running ESL academies in Baguio City, Philippines. Established in 2003, it provides excellent curriculums that cater to the diverse needs of students that come from all over the world. From building the students’ foundation in the English language to developing their professional communication skills needed for business, migration and/or academics, MONOL has created and opened venues to ensure that each student not only becomes fluent in the language but also be globally competitive.


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