Teacher wearing headsets while looking at her monitor

How do teachers prepare for MONOL ONLINE?

As Monol moves forward in teaching English on a digital platform, the school’s Teaching Department makes sure that the teachers are adapted to the change as well. 

There are three training stages that teachers need to pass before becoming qualified to teach for the MONOL ONLINE program.

stage one

Getting to know ClassIn

Teachers are introduced to the virtual classroom software, ClassIn. Here, they are taught how to navigate through the application and utilize the different tools (basic and advanced) and functions to suit their lessons. This stage is where they familiarize themselves with their new online classroom setting. 

stage two

Managing an Online Classroom

The second stage focuses on training teachers in ONLINE CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT. This includes accessing and handling of the different teaching materials, as well as adjusting and adapting their classes to suit the online platform or classroom. All this is done while maintaining the quality of the lessons. 

stage three

Practicing Teaching Online

The third and final stage of training puts everything the teachers learned into practice. They perform online class simulations and observe actual MONOL ONLINE classes for their reference.

Once they have practiced enough, the trainers assess the final teaching demo to see if they are qualified to become a MONOL ONLINE teacher. 

With this training, the school ensures that MONOL ONLINE is a virtual classroom with reliable, competent, and skilled teachers who can perform to their maximum potential when it comes to the different demands of online teaching.