IELTS in Philippines’s Largest Educational City

IELTS Philippines

Hello, I am IYO and I am a local student reporter of MONOL!

A week has already passed since I came to Baguio.

Here is my self-introduction.

I am a male college student from Yokohama-shi , Kanagawa prefecture (My age is in the early twenties) (lol).

I belong to the medical department of a university in the metropolitan area. I am studying my best every day with the aim of becoming a doctor.

 [Period of study abroad] January 2018 – / two months

【Course】 IELTS course (3 one-on-one hours + 5 hours group + optional 3 and a half hours)

【Module】 Academic

【Room】 3 + 1 (Lecturer Shared Living) Room


▲ I am in front of my desk with my textbook and notes. 
I dyed my hair the day before leaving Japan (laugh).

Reason for my study in the Philippines

As a part of hospital practice at my university, I can work at overseas hospitals for one to two months.

As a condition for undergoing this overseas practice, TOEIC · IELTS · English scores were necessary.

Shamefully, since I only studied English to pass the exam, I have been away from English learning in recent years, so I need to learn English again.

I needed to enhance my listening because I could not listen to English at all like I used to (laugh).

Because I am not so proficient in English, I decided to study abroad to try to improve my English ability from scratch in two months during my spring break.

 Suggested Places to study abroad are Australia and the Philippines.

Studying in Australia is what the professor of my university recommended based from his past experience and the reason is that January to March is summer in the southern hemisphere. (I also referred to the experience of my hairdresser in Australia who lived in Australia for ten years (laugh))

However, because there are only two months of spring vacation, I thought that the “main group curriculum with large number of group classes” common in Europe and the United States would not be suitable.

I finally thought that in order to achieve results in short-term study abroad, one-to-one lessons of studying abroad in the Philippines is necessary.


▶ Money explained to me by Philippine women who were next to me in the airplane to Manila. I was taught that 1 peso is equivalent to 100 yen coins and 5 pesos are like 500 yen coins. A peso is roughly 2 yen per pound.

These are my conditions of studying abroad in the Philippines that I would like to emphasize.

I decided to study in the Philippines around October last year (over 3 months before studying abroad). 
I had time to carefully choose a language school in the Philippines.

The one-on-one class is “guaranteed” to some extent 
The facilities in the school are comfortable 

 It is in the Baguio region

 ① Since I do not have a lot of time, I need a one-to-one class to get accustomed to English quickly…

I also chose a language school that has firmly established group classes that allow friends who can talk about various things.

 ② During the Philippine study abroad, you do not have to worry about anything other than studying.

Monol is a school with a well-organized living environment.

I love to eat in particular, so choosing a living place with delicious meals is one of the essential conditions. (lol)

 ③ When I visited Malaysia before, I have experienced being frustrated by the heat and humidity.

I am not comfortable with the air conditioning … I wanted to avoid studying while the air conditioning was working due to the tremendous heat.

As a result I found “Baguio”.

In order to comfortably spend two months in the Philippines, I decided that Baguio had the best climate for studying abroad climate.


▲ Scenery seen from the window of the room. Outside, the chickens are always clucking and in the morning they are awake early. Sometimes I see kids in the yellow house playing basketball.

 Study abroad in Philippines.

I am now in my first week in Baguio, but I am living very comfortably.

Even though there are various reputations and reviews, I am enjoying in my stay at MONOL.

(I do not have the freedom to communicate in English, but my problem is not related to MONOL (laughs)) 

There is a wonderful room teacher in the 3 + 1 room I chose.

I am having fun every day in the room. (I will introduce 3 + 1 rooms in another article.)


▲ Room teacher’s desk. I love Japanese animation and drama, and I always play Pokemon in the room (laugh) I will post both two-shot pictures.



▲ Water circulation, separate shower and toilet. 
Shower water pressure is alright, hot water is just right at about 40 ℃. To my surprise, the toilet cannot let paper run! In the Philippines I throw away the toilet paper in the trash can. It’s a culture shock (lol)


Although I sometimes get a culture shock in my life in the Philippines, I am enjoying my study abroad life.

All the students are friendly and I can make friends fast, there is no need to worry about age, career or anything.

By the way, because I left Japan soon after the regular exam of the university, I could hardly study English for the last month.

(Even if at least one test was dropped, it was under the circumstance that I was returning to Japan early, but now I could take all the units safely and the promotion was also decided (lol))

 From now on, considering I am only studying English, I will try my best to study IELTS firmly in Baguio.

Thank you! And see you soon for my next report!