IELTS study

It has already been 2 months since I started taking the IELTS course. In this article, I will explain the class procedure of each subject in IELTS study.

During my first term, I had 5 hours group lecture classes and 3 hours man-to-man classes. The group lecture classes are for learning about IELTS and then, practice in man-to-man classes. I had an option to choose 3 subjects among Reading, Listening, Writing Task1, Task2 and Speaking for my man-to-man classes.

Monol offers regular classes from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

This is my short description of the subjects: The Reading class provides tips on how to skim the articles and find answers in a short time. Meanwhile, I learn how to read and understand graphs in Writing Task 1 and then write essays about given topics in Writing Task 2. I also listen to audio files and get the answers for Section1~Section4. On the other hand, there are 3-4 parts to answer in the Speaking exam. I have lecture and practice classes on how to answer properly for each part.

After having lessons in the group lecture classes, I have time to apply all the lessons in the man-to-man classes without feeling that I might disturb my classmates. Also, I can change my man-to-man subjects every 4 weeks if I want.

Monol offers 8 hours of regular classes in IELTS during the first term. However, the second and incoming terms are a little bit different. I am more focused on the knowledge than practice during my first term. Now, I only practice continuously for my second term and no longer have lecture classes. However, if I forgot some lecture lessons, teachers usually explain shortly.

Every Friday is a Mock test day. It is a must for all students in IELTS to join. All IELTS students take the mock test from 8 a.m. to 12 noon. After lunch, students have a consultation with teachers. During that time, teachers explain my wrong answers and give it back to me so that I can look over more.

If students feel 8-hour classes are not enough, they can add more man-to-man classes with an extra charge unless they get free optional classes such as morning class, grammar class or night classes.

Once you choose the additional classes, you cannot cancel it before finishing the term. According to the management, Monol maintains the atmosphere for its students to concentrate on their studying by not accepting the dropping of classes. That is how strict Monol is.

That is why, if you decide to study IELTS or any course, you have to make a clear decision and study hard!

by Johnny