I’ll recommend this academy

The reason why I chose MONOL is we can select Intensive Speaking course. Perhaps because of that course, I’ll recommend this academy to my friends.

Before I came here, I could not speak English fluently. Therefore, I wanted to focus not only on other skills but speaking. In terms of choosing Baguio, I wanted to spend in not a hot place. I thought this climate was suitable for studying compared to other cities. 

I think classes and curriculum are almost great. Regarding my class, I think I could improve my speaking skill because of the IS course. In addition, I was very satisfied with an additional pronunciation class. I was not sure if I would add classes before I came here. I thought IS classes were quite a few so I was pleased to take this kind of additional class.

However, I am not sure why IS does not give us homework. I think it is better to assign homework to us in order to improve our skill more.

Almost all the teachers are good. They are very kind and also, they have the willingness to teach English depending on each student. Moreover, many teachers know the best way to teach Japanese students. Therefore, I could focus on some words which most Japanese are not good at in my pronunciation class. In addition, my pronunciation teacher is great since she is sometimes strict compared to other teachers.

I am very pleased with the Japanese manager’s help. He is very kind to us and he helped us every time. When I was in trouble regarding my airline, he lent his phone in order to call that company.

I am also quite satisfied with the facilities. In terms of Wi-Fi, sometimes the speed was too slow but I could accept it because there are many students who are using the same Wi-Fi router. In addition, I am in the Philippines.

Moreover, there are a lot of places we can exercise such as yoga. I have never used them but my friends use them every day. I think MONOL gives us not only opportunities for studying but also refreshing.

recommend this academyI am really satisfied with the Job Ready Program. Before I came here, I was so worried about Working Holiday since we need to prepare a resume and a cover letter. Of course, I did not know how to write them. However, thanks to this program, I could prepare all things for Working Holiday. I could not believe this program was free for charge. I think this program is really useful not only for students who are planning to go to Australia but also Canada or other countries.

I think speaking a lot is the most important thing in order to improve our skill. Therefore, I recommend them to make a lot of foreign friends in this academy, MONOL.

Written by: Katie (20 years old), Intensive Speaking ESL, 8 weeks