Imagination & Creativity Day

Imagination and creativity – these sum up the visit of Monol students at the Reception and Study Center for Children (RSCC) on December 16.

Bringing out the creative juice

For their first activity, the children explored their imagination as they created a farm, city, ocean, and face using cutouts. These were later brought to life with crayons.

After the creative activity, student Kenny performed some magic tricks that awed not only the young ones but also the adult audience.

imagination 7 imagination 8

Spreading Happiness

Just before serving snacks, Jollibee surprises the kids and gives an enticing dance performance, which made everybody jump to their feet to mimic the moves.

imagination 15

Although it was a Sunday, 14 students joined the activity to inspire the children of RSCC through art and laughter, even for just a very short couple of hours. RSCC is one of the orphanages that Monol students always kept coming back to as part of the academy’s community service.