Improve IELTS score in 3 mos

I am an art student. After graduating from my university, I worked intermittently for two years. Later on, I’ve decided to study abroad for further studies. That’s why last year, I applied for a master’s degree in Art in the United States and received the conditional offers from four schools. However, because it required certain scores in language proficiency, I was very disappointed. So I said to myself, “I will improve my skills first!”

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We all know that studying a foreign language is very difficult and the living expenses are not low. I was worried about what to do when by chance one of my friends learned that the cost of studying English in the Philippines is not very high and the teachers’ quality is very good. That’s why I contacted agencies and chose Monol. When I got my visa, I bought my airplane ticket and set off to the Philippines to start my study abroad journey.

The first time I studied in Monol was last May of this year. My purpose was very clear – that is, to get 5.5 IELTS band score in three months, which is a very big challenge for me.

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It felt a bit strange on the first day when I arrived in Monol. I was still a bit worried that I could not adapt. But a few days after I arrived, I’ve completed adjusted to the life here because all the teachers and staff were very friendly and very patient to help me; not only me but also all the other students of different nationalities. It feels really great to communicate in English with people of different cultures and nationalities. We are only allowed to communicate in English at school. If the checker catches you speaking in your language, you will get a self-study penalty.

They said that three months is a long time for studying. But if you undergo intensive studying, time will pass very quickly. In IELTS, we have mock tests every Friday. My IELTS score also improved bit by bit, especially for my Speaking and Writing, which had big progress. During the mock tests, my scores were stable from 6.0 to 6.5. This really boosted my confidence.

Before going back home to China, I registered for the official IELTS test and took it in Baguio. (The registration was done two weeks before the test date.) The fee in the Philippines is also cheaper compared to the rate in China. I was able to complete the official test and after two weeks, I got the results. 5.5! When I saw my score, I was very happy I could not even express my feelings through words. My hard work for three months really paid off!

I did not only improve my IELTS score, but I also made friends from different countries. I hope I can have a chance to come back to Baguio. Thank you Monol!

by Duffy