Intensive Speaking Course

[Course Introduction] Intensive Speaking Course
For Those Who Want to Practice Speaking

Hello, this is David.

Have you read my school selection article?

This time, I will introduce some contents of the original teaching material about the Intensive Speaking Course which I attended for the first month.


  1. Course features

There are three main features.

1 Curriculum with Emphasis on Improving Speaking Ability

Course English Communication Development (2 hours)

This is a course specializing in enhancing and understanding your listening ability as a tool for a smooth English conversation.

I listen to sentences that are somewhat difficult to understand, so I get better every time.


Subject ② Picture Description (1 hour)

After the listening exercising and the picture description, there is a course to increase vocabulary through listening and conversation.


③ Developing Basic Comprehension (1 hour)

It is a practical type of subject that inputs important items of grammar in conversation and convenient expressions (Daily Idiom) that can be used in everyday life.

You can learn through interviews and speeches in class.


These are the three subjects (one to one lesson 4 hours).

All subjects are curriculums intended to improve speaking ability.

“I’ve learned enough reading and writing in Japan!”
“There will be no opportunity for me to use Reading and Writing in the future”
“All I need is speaking ability!”

This is a course for people who are suited in that kind of situation.

【2】 Curriculum with plenty of time

 As you can see, compared to other MONOL courses, there are a lot of free time in the class schedule.

The actual schedule of my day is as follows.

6:15 Wake up

6:00-7: 00 Morning class (free additional class)
7: 00-8: 00 Breakfast 
8: 00-12: 00 Free time 
12: 00-13: 00 Lunch 
13: 00 14 : 00 English Communication Development 
14: 00-15: 00 Picture Description 
15: 00-17: 00 Developing Basic Comprehension 
17: 00-18: 00 Grammar class (free additional class) 
18: 00-19: 00 Dinner 
19: 00-21: 00 Night class (free additional class)

As you can see, lessons were concentrated from 1 pm to 5 pm, and there were no lessons in the morning.

Thanks to my free time in the morning, I am working on self-studying of my regular lesson review and the teaching materials I brought from Japan.

Also, we can participate in optional classes (group lessons) such as morning classes and night classes that we can participate for free.

【3】 All classes are one to one classes.


This course is recommended for Japanese students.

 Many people hesitate to even speak English in front when they are not confident enough.

In a group class, it seems difficult to speak when you are worrying about your classmate’s reaction · … This course is recommended because it offers one-on-one classes.

Because one-to-one classes are made up of only a student and teacher, there is no need to be shy. 

You can speak without fear of making mistakes.

Also, you can tell your teacher where you need improvement, such as pronunciation or speech.

I have tried telling my teacher that I was not good at speech; the teacher recorded my speech, copied everything, pointed out the wrong part, and made a speech reinforcement drill.

Since it is a one-to-one lesson, you can request the class if you desire.

I think this is a big attraction for the Intensive Speaking course.

  1. Why I chose this course

Thanks to studying English frantically at the time of my entrance examination, I have had confidence in reading and writing.

On the other hand, Speaking was a condition that was not necessary for the exam.

I am Japanese and there are many people like me.

So I chose this course because I want to concentrate on speaking as much as possible than reading and writing.

Also, as I mentioned earlier, I had no confidence in speaking, so I had some resistance to speaking in public.

Actually, in high school classes, I was ashamed of speaking English through conversation.

If my high school classes were one-on-one class like this feature of the Philippine study abroad program, I would not feel shameful.

It is up to you to think if this course is suitable for you.

  1. Summary

 Let me summarize my story so far.

Features of this course

The curriculum is focused on improving speaking ability. 
There is a lot of free time in the schedule. 
All lessons are on a one-to-one basis.

Recommended for people like this!

I would like to give priority to speaking and improve it more than anything else! 
Because I am ashamed to speak English in public and I am not good at speaking in group classes. 
Specifically, I knew my problem and I wanted to fix it so I focused on speaking!

 This article is over.

I would be pleased if this article helps those who are considering studying abroad or enrolling at MONOL. See you next time in the next article!