International Language Learning

Do you think learning English is important or necessary? English is an international language and its influence is incredible. People can express and exchange their own culture through English. If I speak with people in English, I can easily learn their cultures and identities which I find interesting and amazing. That is why my major is English, and there are two reasons why I’m interested in it.

International Language 2

First, I want to be able to express myself in English. When I started to speak English I felt very satisfied that people understood what I wanted to say. I also thought English was just a communication tool. However, I have a lot of international friends who I met in my university in Japan, so I don’t think that way anymore even though sometimes I feel frustrated that people understand what I say but not what I want to express. For example, some of my international friends say I’m shy because I cannot join their conversation. Also, my gesture, while I’m talking in English, makes me seem childish.

However, what they don’t know is that I struggle just to keep up with their English discourse which has many blending’s and slangs. I don’t know how to listen to the sound which I cannot recognize if it’s a word. I dislike it when I feel uncomfortable, frustrated and disappointed with my English skill while they are talking so fast and they are having so much fun. So, I want to express myself in English the same way I confidently use Japanese. English is not just a communication tool anymore for me, and I want people to understand my real identity.

Second, I want to express my sense of value and perspective through English. English makes me meet new people around the world and I learn huge things which are more than what I expected. It always makes me surprised and excited to learn English even though I face many difficulties. The people’s culture, identity, and perspective are ingrained in their own language, but it’s even better if we can share them to others in English. I like it when I speak with someone who is really different from me, and it makes me so eager to talk because I can find a new sense of value and perspective and it makes my life so wonderful.

By Student Kana