Introducing Monol’s delicious meals

I’m here at Monol enjoying each day but the days are going by really fast! In the blink of an eye, a month has already passed by. I have experienced many things already, such as saying goodbye to friends and reaching a higher English level.

Eating at Monol Cafeteria

Today, I will introduce to you something important: the food here at Monol academy. The first advantage when eating here at Monol is that the food is served buffet-style for all meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). Here are some of the best Monol meals in my opinion.

First of all, this is the day where they serve spaghetti (noodles with tomato-based sauce), fried chicken, and French fries. The best thing about Monol meals is that they serve kimchi every day. Of course, it is different from the flavor and taste of Korean kimchi but it is still good nonetheless. Sometimes, they serve other types of kimchi aside from cabbage kimchi.

The school also serves a variety of fruit such as bananas, tangerines, pears, papaya, and so on. That’s why it is so nice to be able to pick and eat as you please. There are also three kinds of salads but the sauce type is not my favorite. I usually have bell peppers and ssamjang (Korean spicy dipping sauce). I always think about it and consider myself really lucky that they serve ssamjang.

Serving Other Cuisines

There are also days when they serve curry and taco (shawarma). Actually, the school’s taco did not suit my taste so after trying it out on the first day, I only ate salad and soup after. This menu is special for Arab friends in the school. I find the curry very delicious and good to eat except that the rice is different from Korean rice. Of course, the food is not always the tastiest every day but don’t worry, lunch is one of the best meals.

For this picture, this was the day that they served seafood for a special lunch meal. This happened only once that week but I was very happy. A few days ago, tteokbokki (rice cake dish) came out on the menu and I was so happy I almost shed tears.

Enjoying seafood

I also heard that among the language schools in Baguio, Monol food is very good. However, breakfast, dinner, and weekend meals are not as good as the food during weekday lunch. It is a good idea to at least bring some instant food from home like seaweed and red pepper tuna.

Also, I usually eat out on weekends. Fortunately, there are many delicious Korean restaurants in Baguio. Korean food is great to eat!

Student Jane