Island Hopping 1

Island Hopping at 100 Islands

­I thought if I go to the Philippines, I can appreciate many sceneries of the ocean because has lots of islands. I never thought island hopping would ever come true on my study abroad.

On my second weekend in Monol, my batchmates and I decided to go to Hundred Islands. The name interested me because I like looking at nature and it made my heart flutter. We went there by van for five hours.

When we arrived there, I grimaced at the hot weather. Moreover, I was already tired because of the long journey. But these feelings disappeared altogether just as we passed between the great and small islands riding a boat. There were one hundred islands. We were able to go to an island by boat. When we arrived at the first island for swimming, the water was very clear. It seemed to make my mind pure and stable just by looking at it. Playing in that water was gorgeous. Filipino children who were playing there were also very lively.

After swimming, we did helmet diving. We can go around under the sea and touch some fishes. We also climbed the summit of another island. The stunning view of the summit left me in deep thought. There is a blue sky, a blue sea, and the islands between them. After we went back, went to our lodgings to see a beautiful flaming sunset. It was the best sunset, I have never seen.

Until now, I can’t forget my feelings at that island hopping experience. I saw magnificent sceneries and indelible memories with my batchmates. Also, I was able to think about myself escaping from a busy and competitive life in Korea.

I remember YOLO (You Only Live Once). So I want to travel more and enjoy life to the fullest.

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