Job Ready Program for Australian Working Holiday launched

A new program was launched last month in MONOL exclusively to students who are Australian Working Holiday Aspirants. The Post ESL Department’s Business English Program spearheads the  MONOL Job Ready Program (JRP). It aims to help students improve the necessary skills needed for the Australian Working Holiday Visa.

“Students will be less intimidated in the process of finding any job in Australia because they will be equipped with skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to get hired,” said Assistant Head for Post ESL, Cristina Dondo. “[They] can confidently and effectively communicate with anyone they encounter there,” she added.

Included in the JRP are activities relevant to the job-seeking process. To name some, these are cover letter/application writing, resumé completion, and readiness for job interviews. As a bonus, the program also provides venues for students to explore different job offerings online. Business English teachers offer their assistance when scouting opportunities on the web. 

The first batch of students under the JRP has been undergoing continuous training every day. This will continue for four to five weeks. Indeed, as the students approach their graduation day in MONOL, they will be more prepared to enter not only Australia but also other countries.