Red cross

July 2019 Red Cross Bloodletting Program

After three months, the Philippine Red Cross Baguio Chapter is back in Monol for another bloodletting program. The previous blood donation campaign happened last March 2019 with a total of 14 blood donors. This time, with mostly new students, a total of 18 people donated blood during the two-day program. 

Held at the B3 Lounge on July 29 and 30, students and teachers lined up to donate and help someone in the community. On the first day of the bloodletting program, Monol’s Arab students filled the list of donors and encouraged other friends to donate as well. With this kind of cooperation, they easily made up half of the donors on the list. On the second day, the teachers and other students stepped up and participated in the program as well. In total, around 7550 ccs (cubic centimeter) of blood was collected. 

Day 1 

The donated blood will go into good hands and help someone in need in the local Baguio hospitals. These include the Pines City Doctors Hospital, Saint Louis Hospital of the Sacred Heart, and Notre Dame De Chartres Hospital. 

Benefits of Donating Blood

For blood donors, it takes 12 weeks or three months until they can donate again. This might seem too often for some but it’s enough time for the body to regenerate the iron lost during donation. Naturally, donating blood is indeed an act of kindness as it is extremely helpful to the future recipient. But, what most people don’t know is that it also serves some benefits to the donors. 

According to different studies, donating blood promotes a healthy liver and a better mental state. Plus, it can also reduce the risk of heart disease and even cancer. This all relates to the amount of iron in a person’s body and the effects of lowering the iron level through blood donation. 

Day 2

Monol academy seeks to be an active helping hand in the community through programs like these. If you missed out on this month’s bloodletting, the Philippine Red Cross is always open for volunteers and healthy blood donors! For more information, check out their Facebook Page at