Junior program ‘MONOL ONLINE Kids’ brings fun English lessons for children

Many ESL learners from around the globe rely on virtual classrooms and online classes for their English study and practice. For young adults and professionals, MONOL ONLINE offers top-quality English courses such as General ESL, IELTS, and Business English. 

As more and more students are starting to study English from a younger age, the school is happy to introduce MONOL ONLINE Kids, the junior program designed to fit the English learning needs of children.

Monol online

What can you expect in Monol Online Kids?

Classes are conducted on the online classroom software, ClassIn, and are 45 minutes long. There are four levels of Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Pronunciation subjects.

Lessons cover English topics and fun activities for elementary grade levels 1 until 6, making it ideal for kids aged 6 to 12 years old.

Our skilled, friendly, and enthusiastic teachers are excited to help you learn English! Every class is filled with fun lessons and interesting activities. 

English for kids: 2+1 promo

Do you want free classes to help you learn English faster? Enroll while the MONOL ONLINE 2+1 promo is available!

  • For every two (2) hours of class that you enroll in MONOL ONLINE Kids, you get a full 45-minute class for FREE.
  • Promo is available for students who have ongoing online classes until October 2020.

*Students must consume their free classes within the duration of their study term*

Want to try out our MONOL ONLINE and MONOL ONLINE Kids programs? Contact us to book a free 25-minute demo class with our experienced teachers!

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