Learn while having fun in MONOL!

Teach the students and they will remember, involve them and they will learn.

This principle has been the compass of MONOL in achieving its vision and mission. By crafting a program that caters to the diversity of students, it opens a new horizon of various approach and methodology that will help the students achieve their goals.

The academy has surpassed the conventional teaching approach and has been practicing the modern learning framework. The designed program of study does not only focus on the academic aspect of the students rather it includes their health and wellness.

This movement started last July 9, 2022 which a weekend trip to San Juan was organized. The students were able to enjoy the calmness of the sea, the cold breeze gently touching their skin, and the breathtaking sunset. This trip was only the beginning of the many adventures in the school, last July 30, 2022 a trip to Pugad was successful. The view of the nature and its scenery will make you fall in love with the place. These two trips offered a lot of activities like kayaking, zip lining, 4WD tours for the tourist to enjoy.

Other plan destinations include Hundred Islands, Vigan, and Tangadan Falls. These weekend trips were only the beginning of the many escapades here at MONOL.

The fitness journey in MONOL

 The welfare of the students is extended in the wellness center. The school has its own facilities and equipment like treadmills, stationary bike, dumbbell, barbell sets, punching bags, and boxing gloves for the fitness training. More importantly, teacher Zac who trains the students is known for his expertise in muay thai, gym training, boxing, and yoga interval. In addition to this, he can also create personal training programs for the students who wish to lose weight, gain mass, tone of abs, and the like. The training proper starts at 5PM and ends at 10PM.

The Philippines is not just known for its cinematic tourist spots but also the experiences collected during their stay. These connections will be part of their album of memories at the academy. But more importantly, this will help the students enjoy while studying here at MONOL.

Live, learn and build memories here at MONOL.