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What I Learned This Summer

Every summer I usually spend my summer with friends visiting other cities. But this summer, I want to make it worthwhile. I decided to come to the Philippines, in Monol, to spend my time and to study English. I have been studying here for 2 months and I met good people and I improved my skills in English. These are what I learned.

Before I came here, I had a narrow opinion about the circle of friends since I was born I have lived in the same place. For example, I didn’t think that people I don’t meet usually were real friends. Since I entered Monol, this opinion entirely changed. In this place, I met many friends who have lived in different cities and countries. Spending many times with them, I realized that if we have a rapport with each other, their ages, hometown, in nationality or not important. Because of my change of opinion, I can also open my mind to my friends until, finally, we became close friends. I was even invited to my friend’s hometown in Qingdao, China in July. These are what I learned in my study.

Most people may want to get just one thing studying English abroad. However, I think that you will get stressed things like friends, experience, and learning English during this time. If someone is undecided whether he/she will go to monol or not for studying a language abroad, I’ll say “just go to Monol without thinking too much.”

by Chun

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