Learning English in Baguio City (Monol student interviews in August)

Learning English in Baguio City. Monol student interviews. Study Abroad Experience.

It has been quite some time since we wrote a blog about our student interviews. A lot has happened, and all for the better.

If you are a student who is curious about the learning environment here at Monol English Academy, then keep reading this article. We have asked a number of students from different nationalities about English in Monol, and we hope that this article can help you choose the academy for your study abroad experience.


During your first days here in Monol, what were the challenges or problems that you faced?

When I arrived here in January, I took a level test on my first day. I felt nervous because my level was low, but my teachers encouraged me to study hard. I think that I have improved my skills after 2 months. After 6 months, I believe that I have learned a lot and can speak English better.

Do you still face the same challenges as before?

I feel more confident now, and no, I don’t face the same challenge now because my English skills have improved.

What is your message to your teachers?

I would like to thank my teachers for encouraging me to study harder. Moreover, Monol is lucky to have such teachers. I would definitely recommend Monol to my friends in Saudi Arabia.

What are your expectations of the IELTS program?

Other students say that IELTS is a difficult program, and I agree with them. However, I am excited to prepare for the IELTS test, and I promise to study more diligently. I am ready to move to the next level and hope that I can get a high mark in the IELTS test.


What is your first impression of Monol?

I was quite nervous and embarrassed because I knew that I would have to take the level test when I arrived here. But after meeting some international friends, I feel better now.

What are the leisure activities that you enjoy?

Every night, I go to the gym. Actually, seeing the gym is one of the reasons why I chose Monol. Moreover, if I have the chance, I would like to visit Stone Kingdom, SM Mall, and Hundred Islands.

Do you think that Monol is an ideal place to study English?

Yes. I believe it is because of the curriculum. With the five man-to-man classes, I feel that I can focus more on the subjects. It is also my first time taking a systemic writing class, and I think it is the one that has been most helpful to me. In group classes, I can listen to my classmates’ opinions and cultures.

What materials do you think Korean students should bring with them if they study in Baguio?

I think Korean students should bring outerwear and long sleeves. Since the weather in Baguio is comparable to the autumn in Korea, you need to bring medicines and thicker clothing to avoid getting sick. I also think students can bring their own books that they can read during their free time here.


What do you think are your strengths or skills that are useful in learning English?

I can say that using my abbreviations (Prac, Comm, and Tips) is my strength and helps me study English better. Practicing by reading articles or previous lessons and listening to English songs are the things that I do. I also communicate with other students of various nationalities, and this helps me with my learning. Lastly, tips from my teachers have helped me study English more effectively.

How do you differentiate your experience between a man-to-man class and a group?

class? I believe that these two modes are good. In a man-to-man class, teachers can focus on improving the student’s skills even if they start off with zero English. Meanwhile, basic skills are okay in group classes, and students are challenged to improve along with their peers.

If you are given the chance to extend your English study here in the Philippines, will you still study in Monol?

Definitely. My wonderful teachers are the main reason why I would like to study here in Monol again in the future. I feel comfortable with them, and I like the nurturing relationship that we have.


What do you think are the best practices that a student must follow to learn English effectively?

Speaking is the best practice for learning English effectively. In Japan, we don’t usually use the English language to communicate in school or at Japanese-English classes.

How do you differentiate your experience between a man-to-man class and a group class?

We can ask the teacher about anything that is related to the lesson. I can concentrate if it is a man-to-man class. In group classes, we can share our ideas or opinions with the teacher and classmates. We can also make new friends.

Have you tried exploring Baguio City? What are your interesting discoveries?

Yes, I tried exploring Baguio City. My interesting discoveries are cafes, restaurants, beautiful places, and foods. My favorite café is Foam Coffee and Café by the ruins.

Why do you work hard to study English?

I want to improve my English communication skills in order to speak well and express myself to foreigners when I go to Australia for a working holiday.

Will you recommend Baguio City as a place to study English?

Yes. I will recommend Baguio City because it has comfortable, good weather to study and have fun with other people.

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