Monol’s Discussion Class

Hi! My name is Bella. Here, I will introduce Monol’s Discussion Class. I am taking ESL course. This is my class schedule: 2 hours for Speaking, 2 hours for Listening, 1hour for Writing, 1 hour for Pronunciation and 1 hour for Reading. I have a total of seven class hours everyday. Students also have 1 hour break time. Classes are from 8 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon.

Students can apply for optional class as well. These classes are Discussion and Grammar.

Those who want to apply for the grammar class can visit the office every Thursday.

Grammar class is a group class. It is from 5pm to 6pm. Students can also apply for cancelation of the class every week if they want. The number of classmates depends on how many students apply for the class. Average number of students in the class is around 10 but sometimes there are only 2 or 3 students in the class. Actually, I didn’t apply for grammar class. I think it would be better for you to take a grammar class if you need to improve your grammar.

If you apply for Monol’s discussion class, which is a man-to-man class, you will take it for one term.
The schedule for your discussion class can be assigned on your break time. In my case, I wanted my discussion class to be scheduled from 5pm to 6pm so I can take a rest in my room during my break time. Sadly, my discussion class was assigned during my break time! I guess I have to strictly check my schedule starting now!

If you skip class for 1 hour, you will get self-study penalty for 1 hour. Remember this!

There is no required textbook for Monol’s discussion class. I thought that I would just have free-talking in the class but then again, I could choose what I want to study in class because it’s a man-to-man subject.
I am studying grammar in the class. You can use this time usefully for free-talking or what you want.
I am studying about preposition nowadays. It is certainly useful for me.

Even though it can make you a little tired to take optional class after your regular 7 hour classes, just concentrate studying as you came here for that purpose. When you have free time, try to enjoy and play. That way, you’ll have no regrets while studying abroad.

See you next time!

monol's discussion class