Into my Dormitory

Hello, I am going to introduce Monol’s dormitory in this essay. If you are busy to read my article, please check the summary of my evaluation.

comfort : ★★★★☆
furniture : ★★★★★
toilet : ★★★☆☆
hot shower : ★★★★☆
bed : ★★★★★
fragrance : ★★★★★
storage/space : ★★★★★

I am totally satisfied with most things and I love the room cleaning service that is free!
I am going to explain everything to you with some pictures.

My roommates in a dormitory for 3 are Korean and Vietnamese. My Korean roommate is so quiet and shy but I do not feel uncomfortable with her.

The advantage of studying English in the Philippines, especially in Monol, is that we can live with other nationalities and get to know their culture. Of course, we all have to speak English in our room. Actually, I am more interested in “free-talk” about any topic in English with my friends rather than inside a classroom. I can tell you staying with other nationalities can be a good experience for you, too!

Every night, I sleep deeply in this bed.

There is a lamp on my desk, which is a bit hidden but enough to give me light when I study late at night. This way, I do not disturb my roommates’ sleep. It is important to consider others if you live with someone.

The new term has begun this morning and it’s time to study!
This socket is placed beside each bed!
dormitory 4
My Closet! Each room has many drawers to keep clothes and stuff.

I arrange my things separately and orderly. The drawers have a compartment for socks, underwear, and pants which I use the closet for t-shirts and jackets.

However, I have a low score for the toilet! It is a bit old but one of my friends who studied in another academy before transferring to Monol said that it has good quality compared to others. Honestly speaking, you might be uncomfortable because of weak water pressure.

dormitory 2

Lastly, there is a dehumidifier and refrigerator inside the room.

dormitory 1

Baguio is a little humid that is why I always open the dehumidifier to avoid molds.
Monol’s dormitory has equipment that a person needs most to live.

How do you feel? Did I solve your curiosity about Monol?

If you are still curious and interested, try its 7-day free experimental program while traveling!

Thank you so much for reading my article!

Written by Linda