Listening practice: Watching English movies without subtitles

For new students, most of the things we need are in SM Mall. Because of this, it becomes an essential place in Baguio not only for buying necessities but also for exploring. Today, I will talk about watching movies at the SM Mall cinema.

SM Mall Cinema

The cinema is on the mall’s top floor and there are four all in all. There are two cinemas on each end.

Listening practice at the cinema

For the students learning English in Baguio, I personally recommend going to the cinema and watching English movies frequently. The reason for this is to be able to practice listening and learn English naturally while enjoying the film.

In truth, it was hard to understand what I heard the first time I came to watch an English film in Baguio. It surprised me a lot. Of course, there were no Korean subtitles to help me. Now, it got more natural for me to understand, and it actually sounds pretty good to me

Most students go out on the weekends. Other students might feel anxious about skipping studying on the weekends. However, if you go out and watch an English movie, I think it is like spending two hours in a listening class. Additionally, it has many advantages as you can learn the natural expressions that Americans often use.

Cheap, enjoyable, and helpful

If there is are a variety of movies available, I recommend choosing one that suits a general audience. Since it is a film that even children can watch, the expressions and dialogues will be easier to understand.

If you look closely at the photo, you will notice that watching movies in the Philippines is much cheaper than in Korea. It’s an activity that is not expensive, so it’s not bad to enjoy watching movies at the cinema on weekends.

Let’s watch English movies without subtitles together! I hope you get to understand not only the content but also the culture.