Live and learn: Weekend Trips

Monol’s Weekend trips are something the students can look forward to every two weeks. After spending their weekdays hitting the books and attending classes, the academy gives students an opportunity to travel and explore. These trips introduce students to different places, cultures, and even interests while at the same time helping them unwind.

The awaited weekend trips go beyond exploring just the City of Baguio. Outside Benguet lies historical places like Vigan and wonders of nature like Mount Pinatubo. Prior to the travel date, students can vote on the destination of their choice. They can choose one location (day trip) each for Saturday and Sunday. Using the school’s shuttle bus as a means of transportation, the adventure awaits just a few hours away!

Water Activities and Vitamin Sea

One of the most popular locations that students vote for are trips where they can splash around and have fun in the sun. Just around three hours away from Baguio are famous destinations like Tangadan Falls in the province of La Union. There, thrillseekers can choose to brave a 40-feet cliff dive or just relax and enjoy a nice swim surrounded by nature.

Meanwhile, in the heart of La Union is the popular surfing paradise known as San Juan beach. Here, students can enjoy a day at the beach and for just around 450 pesos learn how to surf the waves!

For a full-packed day of water activities, the student’s go-to destination is in Alaminos, Pangasinan. Hundred Islands National Park boasts beautiful white sand beaches and 123 limestone islands that people travel to by boat. Traveling here means a lot of island hopping and different activities like snorkeling, kayaking, cliff jumping, helmet diving, jet skiing, zip lining, parasailing, and many more.

Mount Pinatubo

A little further away from Baguio is Mount Pinatubo with its world-famous crater lake. When students choose this destination they’re choosing an adventure with a two-hour trek and a 4×4 jeep ride across Crow Valley. It’s all worth it just to see the renowned crater lake with beautiful blue and turquoise waters that formed when the once dormant Pinatubo erupted in 1991.

Vigan: A Trip to the Past

Four hours away from Baguio is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that can take people back to the Spanish era. Vigan City in Ilocos Sur is one of the few Hispanic towns left in the Philippines. With its enthralling ancestral architecture and cobblestone streets, the students enjoy a trip with history. They can also try riding horse carriages or ‘kalesa’ around Calle Crisologo. Plus, visit landmarks such as churches and bell towers as well.

Through these weekend travels, the students can and live and learn to the fullest! With every batch of new students, they can explore these remarkable locations in the Philippines and possibly even more in the future.