Lovely City of Baguio

This is my first time to go abroad. When I arrived in the city, I was surprised because it is a very lovely city.

Burnham Park is my favorite place in Baguio City. It has many entertainment services which I can play for the first time. I hang out with my girlfriend in Burnham Park, we saw many children riding bicycles then we also tried to ride bicycles. It was very interesting. Then we went to a lake in Burnham Park. There are many boats on the lake. Everyone hires a boat and enjoys their vacation day. We also did that.

I think Baguio City is pretty good. I like it here because of its food and residents are very good. I think Baguio’s scenery is the best feature. Since I lived in Monol I have been seeing fog in the afternoon. It is so beautiful. I have never seen it in my hometown before.

In the evening, we also saw many street lights on the mountain’s angle. The lights are not too bright but it is good scenery. We can see the whole of Baguio City in the evening. I think I am lucky to be living here even though it has only been 3 months. The next time I’ll be having a trip to the Philippines, I will choose Baguio City again.

by Sonic

Lovely City