Lucia – After a Month


A month has already passed, it feels like I just got in Monol recently. I feel like time flies so fast, I always feel that the time is not yet enough.

The school is beautifully sheltered in the mountains, the temperature is suitable throughout the year, it is lukewarm and very suitable for learning, but it will often rain here, you need to wear long-sleeved pants to keep warm. 


This month I had a cold and a fever, but I did not have to worry about seeing a doctor. Monol International Education Institute has nurses’ on duty every day until 12 p.m. so you would be fine. The nurses will take care of you, give you a physical examination every day and give you medicine. The prescribed medicine is effective. After I have eaten for 3 days, I eventually recovered from my sickness. However, if your sickness lasted for a few days and you are still not getting better, someone would take you to the hospital to see a doctor there. Some teachers will accompany you. 


 In general, students from China will directly study IELTS after one month of study. The progress in English is still far. 


Each month every semester, an assessment test is conducted to see the degree of student mastery. A graduation ceremony along with a party is done after every end-of-term. 

People here have a sense of ritual, they hold welcome ceremonies during the start of the school and a graduation party and ceremony at the end of your term.

You can feel the joy of the festival here while you study hard every day. You can also go out during the weekend and enjoy the trip. Monol organizes weekend tours every two weeks. You can go mountain climbing, diving, and surfing at the designated place. Travel really made it fun to study at Monol!