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March 2019 Red Cross Bloodletting at Monol

Donate blood and save a life! On the 11th and 12th of March, Monol employees and students had the chance to become someone’s hero by participating in the bloodletting program. The program, conducted by the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) Baguio Chapter, is part of the National Blood services of the country. Their aim is to provide safe and quality blood supply to those in need.

A number of students and teachers went out of their way to participate and donate. In total, 14 people participated in the bloodletting and donated an overall of 6,300 cc (cubic centimeter) of blood.

The Red Cross Baguio Chapter made use of the B3 teacher and student’s lounge as their area 5 pm onwards. The collected blood goes to Baguio hospitals in need such as the Pines City Doctors Hospital, Notre Dame De Chartres Hospital, and Saint Louis Hospital of the Sacred Heart.

Screening Process

Before being able to donate blood, donors go through a screening. First, donors fill out a blood donor form with their general information. Aside from the form, the trained professionals from PRC also inquire about health history. Second, they check the donor’s weight, blood pressure, pulse rate, and temperature.

These measurements are taken to make sure the donor is healthy enough to donate. Finally, a blood sample is taken to check the donor’s blood type and hemoglobin level. Once the screening is over, the blood donation can begin.

Afterward, all blood donors are given free snacks to help them regain their strength after their kind act. They are also advised to rest for a few minutes before standing back up.

For those who missed the opportunity to donate, the PRC Baguio will be back in the academy after three months. Monol recognizes its responsibility in the community and engages in this program to give a helping hand to those in need.

The Philippine Red Cross’ doors are always open for volunteers and healthy blood donors! For continuous updates, visit their Facebook Page at