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Monol Academy

I heard that the temperature in Baguio is nice (not hot), so after knowing about the cool temperature, I decided to study in Baguio. But why did I choose MONOL academy?

Monol Academy Features

First, it’s because of the stable and strong Wifi connection. Second, it’s because of the variety of food. And above all, it’s because of the instructional materials. The textbooks are very useful as a review material since I easily forget what I’ve learned in the class.

The ESL textbooks were helpful as review materials. I didn’t need to force myself to memorize words because I always encountered the same words in different subjects. So while in class, I was able to learn and use them automatically.

Since the IELTS curriculum focuses on test skills, the contents were too difficult. However, I was able to overcome the situation because of the teachers who were always cheerful and fun to be with. Managers and friends also support me. The difficulty disappeared as time passed by.

I think all of my teachers in Regular ESL were experts. After transferring to IELTS course, I asked to change my teacher not because the teacher was not good, but the teaching style didn’t fit me. All of the teachers are really enthusiastic, even though I felt pressured, their teaching and hard working attitude satisfied me.

Rules are strictly implemented to students, but not to teachers.

I could keep my room clean because of the staff. However, I was conscious of the mold and smell in my room. Honestly, the Wifi connection didn’t quite satisfy me. It was too slow when somebody was watching on the internet. Some people complained about the food, but it was good for me. So instead of complaining, I want to express my gratitude to the kitchen staff for serving us food every day.

When it comes to my IELTS score, I improved by 1.5 for 6 weeks. I got only 4.5 during my entrance test, but I got 6.0 in the official test.

I took the official test just for my experience, so I still can’t believe how I could get the score.


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Having an improvement of 1.5 in 6weeks is evidence that the curriculum and teachers in MONOL are really good. So I would like MONOL students studying in IELTS to have more confidence.

When I was studying in ESL, I joined the Sparta program, so I studied for 11 hours. During my first term in IELTS, I studied for 12 hours (8H+homework). During my third to the fifth term, I studied for around 11 hours.

Whether you can improve your English skill or not depends on you. If you set up your goal, then it is important to carry it out. Since Monol academy, teachers and your friends will support you, you can put your effort to improve your skills with the best environment.