Monol announces winners for 2nd essay writing contest; outstanding entries published

February 10, 2015 – Although most of the winners of the essay writing contest graduated last week, a simple awarding ceremony was held for the remaining students who bagged first and second place in the competition.

This contest is the second one held at the academy to promote practice and meaningful learning among the students. The students were given three topics to choose from for their essay. The topics they chose from are related to the significant events from December to February such as Christmas and Lunar New Year, at the same time, the students were also given the opportunity to share their New Year’s resolution.

10 students from the General and Post ESL departments were declared winners in this contest.

Congratulations to the following students who placed first and second:


Essential Advanced:
James – KIM YANGKI (My New Year’s Resolution)
Anita – CHIU YU CHEN (Lunar New Year: Its celebration and significance)

Essential Intermediate:
Genie – MUN YEJIN (My Most Memorable Christmas)
Charles – YOO YONGSEUNG (My New Year’s Resolution)

Essential Elementary:
Mike – LEE SANGJIN (My Most Memorable Christmas)
Yul – SEO YOUNGSHIN (My Most Memorable Christmas)

Foundational Advanced:
Hannah – LEE JIYEON (My New Year’s Resolution)
Bella – MOON JUNHEE (My New Year’s Resolution)

Camille – JING CHU HAN (My New Year’s Resolution)
Solomon – CHUN YUEN LIN (Lunar New Year: Its celebration and significance)

The winners’ outstanding compositions can now be viewed by clicking on the title links beside their names. To go to the gallery of the essays, click here and you will be taken to MYMONOL’s Students’ Corner page. Enjoy reading!