Education Center in the North
Why Choose Baguio?

Baguio is considered as the education center of Northern Luzon. There are 10 colleges and 6 universities in the city, including a campus of the University of the Philippines, the top university in the country. Because of its cool weather and quiet atmosphere, Baguio is also developed as a resort city. More commonly known as the Summer Capital of the Philippines, Baguio features various tourist attractions like the Mansion House (the Presidential Palace), Camp John Hay, Teachers Camp, Philippine Military Academy and various parks to explore.

Minimum Cost, Maximum Improvement in English

Through man-to-man classes in Monol, students can have 10 times more chances to speak than in typical large group classes. This way, students can boost their confidence and focus more on improving their skills. In addition, they need not worry about meals, cleaning, and laundry. Monol takes care of all these to ensure that students can devote all of their time on studying.


Baguio City is located 1,500 meters above sea level making it the highest major Philippine city in terms of elevation. It boasts of a year-round temperature of 16 to 25o Celsius, which makes the environment conducive to intensive learning.

Academically-Conducive Environment

Unlike other cities, Baguio does not have so many recreational facilities like casinos, gambling houses, pubs, etc. that may distract students from studying. Hence, Baguio City is very much suitable for learning English.

Well-guaranteed Security

There is no other place more secure than Baguio. The city’s cool weather is often associated with the mildness and good-naturedness of the people. Thus, crime rate is lower than in other cities.

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