Why Choose MONOL for learning English?









MONOL curriculums and courses are designed to train students be globally competent and be confident in using the English language. By devising and creating materials with a unique methodology, framework, and approach, MONOL is able to provide an extensive learning experience to students based on their studying habits, capacities and culture.


General and Post ESL courses are offered in MONOL to cater to the broadening student demographics of the academy.

The General ESL program, which has two courses: the Regular Speaking ESL and Intensive Speaking ESL, encompasses the skills improvement of students in the main skills of communication – listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Other related skills such as pronunciation and grammar are incorporated into the curriculum as well.

Post ESL courses, which focus on the English testing formats such as IELTS and TOEIC, are also offered in MONOL. Business English, which has three courses specific to varying fields in business, is under the Post ESL program as well. These courses promote intensive learning and encourage the extensive practice by regularly creating venues to simulate the actual IELTS or TOEIC tests as well as making opportunities to students for them to explore their creativity and potential in business presentations.


The courses of MONOL make use of class materials that are authored by the academy’s very own Curriculum Development and Training Department. MONOL’s course materials are fundamentally created to help each student build their foundation in communicating with English. As each proficiency level rises, each material also advances to make way for more opportunities for students as they strive for fluency and global competence.



To support the course materials for the various curriculums offered in MONOL, the academy also ensures that each teacher gets the appropriate training and skill to be able to deliver knowledge and facilitate classroom discourse. Indeed, as language acquisition requires intense studying and practice, it is also necessary for the educators to be evaluated on their teaching methods and approach apart from the extensive trainings provided.


MONOL offers various optional classes to students for free. These serve as supplementary classes to the students to further maximize their learning in the academy. Aside from the free optional classes, the students are also given options to add or convert their class setups to match it with their studying habits and styles.


MONOL recognizes the need of each student to have a balanced learning experience while learning English in the Philippines. By providing various extra-curricular activities inside and outside of the academy, the students get to explore the Philippines, build friendships, and make memories.


Extra-curricular activities in MONOL promote a healthy, balanced, and fit student life. With classes in golf, yoga, Pilates, Zumba, and Taebo, students are given opportunities to discover new interests and hobbies while staying fit. Through these activities, they get to achieve balance and relief from their arduous studying.


Enjoying the Philippines is one of the best moments a student could ever experience while studying English in MONOL. In every two weeks, the students get to discover the beauty of the country as they hop from one tourist destination to another, around the northern part of the Philippines.

San Juan, La Union is the primary weekend trip destination of students. For a very cheap price of PHP400 per person, they are able to learn how to ride the waves with the surfing experts. San Juan, La Union, is the nearest stretch of beach from Baguio. With only two hours travel time, the students get to relax in the sea breeze, discover a new hobby such as surfing, and enjoy the tropical weather of the Philippines.

Surfing, island hopping, hiking, and sight-seeing are only few of the weekend trip activities of MONOL students every two weeks. They have traveled to the nearest and to some of the farthest places around Baguio to experience the culture of the Filipinos, behold the tropical riches of the Philippines, and bask in the various playgrounds of nature unique to the country.


Providing facilities and services with the best quality is one of MONOL’s commitments to its students. These essentials, which are pivotal to support a balanced student life, have become the academy’s foundation to creating a home away from the students’ homes.


The MONOL campus, which is situated in a quiet residential area in Baguio city, has been equipped with fire prevention mechanisms and security measures to ensure that each student is safe. It also has its own generator in case of power outages and a water refilling station. Apart from this, the academy commits to providing the students healthy, complete and balanced meals by serving a variety of dishes, vegetables, and fruits.


All dormitories in MONOL are customized to promote effective learning. Contrary to usual perception that rooms are not as important as the classroom lessons, MONOL goes above and beyond what boarding schools offer when it comes to accommodations. Each room is equipped with a refrigerator, dehumidifier, and a wardrobe closet and study table for each student. Further, it provides services for the students’ convenience and comforts such as free laundry care, room cleaning, and the internet.


As an established language school in Baguio City, MONOL recognizes the need for a school-life balance while each student strives through the intensive learning the academy promotes. It is because of this that it transcends beyond what ESL academies offer and more. It prioritizes the development of its academic materials, the quality of the services it provides, and the establishment of a wide array of opportunities and activities for the students to achieve an enriched learning experience in the Philippines.