Best choice 1

Best choice for university students

I am one of the Aichi Gakuin University students who joined the Yamaguchi university group study program in MONOL. Professor Yamane is the one who strongly recommended studying English in Baguio City in the Philippines. I knew about academies that he chose, and Monol is the best choice

The reason why I chose MONOL is, first, because of food and water management. Second, it’s all about the clean facilities and third, quality of teaching skill. MONOL has the best teachers among Philippine academies based on my research from the internet.

Actually, every class in Regular ESL course is great for better learning. For instance, I encountered the same word, expression, and grammar in every class. This does not happen by chance. There is a curriculum department in MONOL and they produced lots of textbooks for students from several countries. Therefore, MONOL already knows well how to teach English. Although I felt sometimes the reading subject poses difficulty, I also noticed that it comes as my strong point.

As I told you, teachers in MONOL get pieces of training often. They always tried to understand my pitiful English… I am very thankful for this.

I used the free laundry service many times. However, I feel a little uncomfortable because I can claim my clothing 2 days after deposit. I just stayed here for 4 weeks so I did not bring a lot of clothing. But, you can use the laundry machines in the rooftop for free.

In addition, you can play a lot of sports but the equipment for table tennis is broken, unfortunately. Please fix it as soon as possible. And, I am sure many students fret about internet access. It is actually faster access than I thought!

After coming in MONOL, I could say it’s the best choice I want because of EOP. You can also get opportunities like you have no choice but to speak in English. Although many students expected a lot in classes, I think we should stay strict in man to man classes especially. For example, I should have tried to listen to what my teachers said. I can ask as much as I want though.

Yamaguchi university students have original self- study program for 2 hours every day. It was really good and suitable for me and other lazy students, too. I could finish my homework earlier, spend some time to review, and prepare for the next day.

WING(Ishida Tsubasa)Regular ESL Course for 4 weeks/Room for 4