Monol Celebrates Halloween with a Back to School Twist

Monol International Education Institute once again celebrated a successful Halloween Party organized by the Performance and Hiring Department last October 26 at the packed B3 Lounge wherein students, teachers, and employees participated in the quiz bee and Halloween Costume Contest.

With a Back to School theme, most students, teachers, and employees, dressed up in university uniforms. Creative participants in the costume contest also dressed up in university uniforms but added a dark twist to it.

Before the costume contest, the Halloween party kicked off with a Quiz Bee competition where 11 teams eagerly participated in a battle of wits. The teams were diversely represented, students, teachers, and employees from different departments joined forces to represent their teams. The 11 teams were Team BA, Team Beki, Dream Crushers, Frost, Go, Love Wins, Team Cwala, Sato, and 3+1.

The Quiz Bee competition had 3 levels, the easy, average, and difficult round. After the easy round, the 12 teams would be reduced to only 4 teams who got the highest scores during the round. The 4 teams would then be reduced to the top 2 teams after the average round. The difficult round would then be a 1 on 1 enumeration test between the two top teams of the tournament.

The first round was a simple multiple choice level where teams are shown a question with 4 choices and the teams would have to write down the answer on a piece of paper and raise their answers to the judges after a time of 10 seconds. It was a thrilling first round as the participants filled the lounge with a mix of emotions including excitement, laughter, sadness, and dismay after every question. The emotions could be felt by the audience as they themselves were cheering for their favorite teams. At the end of the round, Team 3+1, Team Frost, Team Beki, and Love Wins were the top 4 teams.

The average round was completely different from the easy round. There were subjects given namely, MAPEH, Biology, Algebra, Literature, History, Math, Astronomy, and Physics. Each subject had 3 choices, an easy, medium, and hard category which the teams would select. Each category gave 1, 2, and 3 points respectively. Teams would now be taking turns picking their desired subject and category.

After each team took turns answering 2 questions each, the top 2 teams to make it to the final round were Team 3+1 and Team Love wins.

During this academic activity, it was without a doubt that professional teachers would rule this competition. Team 3+1 was composed of premier teachers, Aldrin Biado, Jennily Julian, Devona Pawingi, and Job Wa-is while Team Love Wins was composed of young and bright teachers in Rommel Atijera, Edmar Bingao, and Tom Dante Mateo.

Displaying the high standards of teaching in Monol, the two teams composed of teachers faced off in the last round via an enumeration test. Both teams are given a specific topic and they have to write down as many entries as they can that are under that topic in a short amount of time. The first topic to be displayed was “Percussion Instruments”. Team 3+1 barely won that round against Team Love Wins. The second topic was “Heavenly Bodies”. Team 3+1 again won that round in a massive landslide. Team Love Wins briefly disputed the outcome but the tension in the room subsided as friendly competition prevailed and Team Love Wins lived up to their name.

The Halloween Party continued with the costume contest, as 17 participants graced the event in their Back to School costume and Halloween outfit. The audience cheered on their teachers and co-students who joined the competition. There were also 3 office employees of Monol who joined the competition cheered on by their co-employees and the audience.

Each participant graced the catwalk individually, drawing loud cheers from the crowd. After an individual catwalk, the participants once again stepped on the stage in groups for the audience and judges to get a second chance to view the participants.

After the catwalk, the contest also held a People’s Choice Award contest in Facebook where the candidate with the most number of likes would win the award. Maria Athena Venice Atabay, from the Performance and Hiring Department, won the People’s Choice Award after a massive lead of likes over the other candidates.

Ultimately, after a tough and tight judging, there could only be 3 winners from the contest.

Jimky Peralta, from the Housekeeping Department, won 3rd place in the costume contest with her Harley Quinn turned cheerleader outfit. It was a creative mix of a popular comic supervillain in a back to school attire that won the crowd over.

The teachers of Monol also joined the costume contest by wearing their cute and dashing school uniforms with some being Jack Frost, a Pokemon Trainer, and an Anime Lass. Jazphier Jay Turalba, from the teaching department, stood out amongst the teachers as he bagged the 2nd place award in the costume contest. His squeaky clean teaching attire was shadowed by his wicked look and his academic books were turned into a death note.

Maria Athena Venice Atabay got the judges nod with her innocent school girl outfit with an eerie look. She held a frightening book that illuminated once the lights turned off. Her mysterious and evil aura despite wearing an innocent school girl attire got her the highest votes from the judges and from the People’s Choice Award.

Teachers Johnder Francisco and Odette Dasayon served as emcees for the event.

Every year, Monol International Education Institute hosts a Halloween Party organized by the Performance and Hiring Department. It is a great time to celebrate the spirit of Halloween by decorating the halls of Monol with spooky ornaments and wearing Halloween costumes. Halloween is the one time of year when we can become somebody or something. It allows us to use our imaginations and unleash our creativity, and for a while, we can feel like a vampire, an anime hero, a Disney figure, etc.

The children of the employees of Monol International Education Institute also do a yearly trick or treat activity wherein their parents who are working in Monol invite them to come to the office in their costumes to receive candy. Saying trick or treat, several children went to different departments in Monol to receive candy.

Another Halloween party has passed and we shall look forward to next year for another “spook”tacular event.