Monol celebrates Halloween in Pajamas: Spookified Slumber Party

This might just be the comfiest Halloween party ever in the academy! This year’s Halloween theme centers on a Spooky Slumber party which means wearing jammies to school! On October 24, Monol students, staff, and teachers dressed in comfortable onesies and pajamas for their Halloween costumes. For a touch of spookiness, others brought with them creepy accessories and added designs to their outfits.

People wore masks; some applied ghastly face paint and prosthetic make up, while others brought along with them some pillows and stuffed toys. With this set-up, the school truly transformed into one big slumber party!

Like all Halloween events, the school’s Performance and Hiring Department spearheaded this amazing slumber party. Of course, the celebration would not be complete without a Halloween costume contest and program that everyone could enjoy! After class and working hours, the basketball court and lounge was filled with excitement as the party began at around 5:30 in the afternoon. The first thing on the list was the much-anticipated costume contest!

Halloween Runway walk

The line-up of colorful pajamas and onesies was a sight to see! As the participants paraded their costumes during their runway walk, they not only smiled but also amused the audience with their quirky antics. The awards for the night included People’s Choice, Best in Costume Female Category and Best in Costume Male Category.

The Accommodation and Services Department (ASD) also prepared a little performance for all slumber party attendees. They danced along to the tune of Kiss Me, Kiss Me, a fun and upbeat song popularized in the 1970s by singer Efren Montes.

Making the most out of Monol Halloween

Also part of the festivities, a photo booth was set up at the lounge area for people who want to capture the moment. Meanwhile, a photoshoot area was specially set up in one of the vacant dormitory rooms complete with a sofa, pillows, and a giant teddy bear to really give off that cozy slumber party vibe. The photoshoot set was open from 8:00 AM till 12:30 PM.

After the runway walk, everyone gathered at the lounge to fill their bellies. Fries, fruit salad, nuts, and fried snacks were prepared for the event.  As people were enjoying the food, the announcement of winners began. Ma’am Kim from the ASD bagged the People’s choice award with her black and white horror concept. She captured the audience’s vote through her great characterization and photos!

Halloween Slumber Party winners

For the Best in Costume winners, Teacher CJ took home the trophy for the female category as she wowed the judges with her adorable toddler act. Meanwhile, Student Steven won the male category with his overall look and performance paired with his pickaxe prop.

The night got even more exciting as the open Karaoke for all started! Great hits such as Dancing Queen and Uptown Funk was blasting from the speakers while teachers and students sang along. At that moment, the lounge turned into one huge dance floor for everyone to have a good time.

With events like these, Monol hopes to make the students’ stay in the school more memorable. It’s a great opportunity for students, teachers, and staff to make great memories together! Live and learn!

For more photos, check out Monol’s Spookified Slumber Party 2019 album on Facebook.