Monol Celebrates Valentine’s Day

February is the month of love and Monol makes sure that everyone within campus feels the romance in the air! On February 14th and 15th, a gimmick was set for the students and employees to enjoy- A valentine’s day booth at the teacher’s lounge!

The booth, decorated with hearts and the colors red and pink, looked like something Cupid made himself. Embodying the month of love, people had the opportunity to spread the valentine’s day spirit!

Flowers, chocolates, and cupcakes were up for sale and could be delivered upon request. This is set up so anyone can send or receive the items as long as it’s within the academy. In relation, this is also the perfect opportunity for Monol magic to work its charm! It’s not impossible for a student to develop feelings for a classmate. Maybe they’d want to send a flower or cupcake to show their affection for that person. 

Calla lilies, sunflowers, carnations, and Malaysian mums are among the flowers that people could choose from. While for the chocolate cupcakes, they were at 35 pesos a piece. Aside from the items on sale, a photo booth was also free for everyone to use.

The Valentine celebration welcomes everyone regardless of relationship status. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, in the end, it’s an appreciation of love in general. With this, the lounge bulletin board also became a dedication board. Anyone passing by can leave a message from the heart for everyone to read.