Monol Celebrates Christmas with a Yuletide Party

models of monol on stage

Once the Monol Christmas Tree welcomes you at the lobby and Christmas decors litter the hallway, you will know that plans and activities have already been lined up for a grand Christmas Celebration Party.

Last December 15, the yearly Christmas Celebration party of Monol kicked off at Padis’ Point with a huge presence from the employees of the different departments of Monol International Education Institute.

The event offered lots of exclusive prizes for lucky employees. Winners from the different activities also received cash prizes while fun-filled activities were hosted for everybody’s enjoyment during this day of yuletide celebration.

lady models on stage

A Monol Got Talent Competition was organized with 11 participants competing for the award of the Most Talented Individual in Monol. Several contestants sang their way to the top while others performed original dance pieces to sway the judges. Unique performances during the party included an amazing drum solo. The judges based their decision on the grounds of Pure Talent, Originality / Creativity, Crowd Appeal, and Poise / Presentation.

Monol got talent champion

During the end of the competition, it was Hamlet Mayona, from the ASD Department, who won the title of Most Talented Performer.  His acoustic version of “Moonlight over Paris” wowed the judges and audience so much that they asked him to perform an encore which he politely granted. Everybody cheered for this quiet MIS officer whose performance roared and rocked the venue.

1st runner up in the Monol Got talent competition

2nd place of the talent show








Rex Carig, of the teaching deparment, also sang an original composition of his own to win the 1st runner up prize while Melvin Dela Paz, from the ASD Department, danced his way to a 2nd runner up victory.

The champion received a small cash prize as well as the other winners. All contestants were given cash as consolation prizes.

Another competition, the Monol’s Next Top Model was also held during the party. This contest aimed to showcase fashionable teachers and employees of Monol using the Retro Denim theme.  11 contestants ramped up their retro denim look during the competition. A social media vote was also opened to the public with a lot of Facebook users flocking to the Monol Page to vote for their favorite candidate.

Padis’ Point was filled with cheers and screams from the audience as soon as the Top Model competition of the party began. The judges scored the participants on their Overall Appearance, Poise and Bearing, Stage Presence, Online Voting, and Creativity / Originality. Every candidate had a unique trait that caught the judge’s attention and everyone had equal impact on the audience making it harder for the judges to announce a winner.

Monols top Model Champion

After tight rounds of voting, Aldrin Del Rosario, from the teaching department, was crowned as Monol’s Model of the Year while Jimky Peralta, of the ASD department, won the Monol’s Next Top Model Female Category. Aldrin Del Rosario also won the Social Media Voting contest.

Top Model for the female category

Before the Christmas Celebration, the Performance and Hiring Department organized a Snow Man Office Decoration Contest. Each departments in Monol were required to design a Snow Man Office on their respective areas with the theme “Retro Denim 100% Christmas: Chillax, Eat, and be Merry!”

The participating departments were the Admin and Performance and Hiring Department, ZOA and Auditing, MSMD, Teaching Department, FACD, ASD, and SDD.  The judges were called from different companies outside of Monol including representatives from Metrobank and other persons called upon by the Performance and Hiring Department.

The criteria’s for judging were based on Relatedness of Design to the Theme, Setting and Other Decorations, and Creativity and Over-all Design.

This activity offered the highest cash prize by awarding the 1st place winners with PHP 5,000. The 2nd place and 3rd place winners would be awarded with PHP 3,000 and PHP 1,000 respectively.

The Performance and Hiring Department announced the winners during the Christmas Celebration.

After anxiously waiting for the winners, the Performance and Hiring Department started awarding the Best Snowman Office Decoration Contest.

The SDD (Student Desk Department) was given the 2nd runner-up award presented by the Performance and Hiring Department along with PHP 1,000. They designed a witty setting based on a Café / Coffee Shop. Their cute snowmen and witty menu consisted of orders using puns.

Not to be outdone, the Performance and Hiring Department awarded the 1st runner-up award and PHP 3,000 to the FACD (Finance, Acquisition, and Control Department). They designed their office area with a Music Lounge Theme. Their use of recycled materials was easily distinguished and their Snowmen Band provided a delightful welcome to the entrance of their office. They also had a song prepared during their presentation to the judges.

But in the end, the Performance and Hiring Department was crowned as overall champions with their Home Sweet Home theme. They took home a cash prize of PHP 5,000.