Diet at Monol

Time flies so fast that my study abroad program in MONOL has ended in a blink of an eye. Since I had to study continuously during the weekdays, it is very important to have a healthy and proper diet.

MONOL has professional chefs who prepare nutritious food three meals a day for students of different nationalities. The academy’s dining hall is located at B4, the floor just above the classroom area. After eating breakfast, you can directly go to your class. Very convenient! Also, whenever you pass by the dining hall before going to class, you can smell the delicious food the chefs are preparing. Breakfast is served from 6:50-8:00, while lunch is served from 11:50-13:00 and dinner are at 17:50-19:00.

The kitchen staffs are very friendly and kind. They usually wait for all the students to finish eating before packing up. There was a time when I overslept and missed breakfast. I ran hurriedly to the dining hall to find that the kitchen staffs have already finished cleaning up. Very shyly, I asked if they could give me two slices of bread toast for my breakfast. But they did not only give me bread. They also gave me two eggs and apples. At that time, I really felt their compassion to the students.

I am a very picky person when it comes to food and I don’t have that much appetite. But during my 2-3 months stay at Monol, I found nothing that I don’t want to eat. The chefs are able to meet the taste and appetite of various nationalities. They don’t only serve kimchi. They also serve fried chicken and fish, pasta, Japanese tofu soup, all kinds of bread jam, fresh vegetable salad, fruits and more. For students with a different religion like Saudi, the chefs even prepare special meals for them.

During meal time, the students automatically line up, get utensils first before choosing their food from the buffet table. There are different kinds of food to choose from every day.

diet 3

Unconsciously, I gradually got used to MONOL food. We even call Thursdays “Jollibee Day” because the chefs serve fried chicken, pasta and fries. Those are all my favorites!

diet 2

The academy serves a lot of food every day. I usually bring a small lunch box with me and then pack some boiled eggs, fruits and vegetable salad, which is good for me because I usually exercise after class.

In conclusion, you will not be able to stop yourself from eating in Monol. In my case, I eat a balanced diet and go to the gym during my spare time. If you wish to lose some weight, you will have to do your best to control your diet. Or else, you might leave Monol with some extra weight.

by Duffy