Monol dormitories are incomparable!

Hi. My name is Yani.
When you arrive at any school, the first thing you will encounter is the accommodations, right?

Let me introduce Monol dormitories.

There are five types of accommodations in Monol: double, triple, quad, room for 6 and 3+1.

All the other types you can already imagine, but you might wonder, “what is 3+1?”

One teacher and three students live together in a 3+1 room so that the students can use English for 24 hours. Of course, students can also ask their teacher about something they cannot understand from class.
The sizes of the different room types are the same and each room has its own separate toilet and shower room.

I chose the triple room because when it comes to using the toilet and shower room, I can take my time, compared to a quad room. On the other hand, the double room is not very practical since I would just need a place to sleep and wash.

It’s very important to choose the room that fits you well.

Anyway, I would like to introduce triple room as I am living in triple room now.


Going inside the room from the hallway, you will find the shower room and toilet separate on either side. Since they are separated, there is no conflict in taking turns using them. Hanging on the door is a SHELF for slippers and shoes.

monol dormitories


The toilet and washroom are located at the right side as you enter the room.

monol dormitories


The shower room is on the left by the entrance. It has a water heater and the pressure is good as well.


Inside the room, there is a refrigerator and a dehumidifier. The Philippines has a long rainy season, which lasts for up to six months. Because of this, the dehumidifier is very important. If you don’t use the dehumidifier, clothes can turn damp and have molds. I think it can store about two liters and it will be full within a day so you need to empty it everyday.

monol dormitories


Desks and closet are also inside the room. The closet is connected to the desk so it becomes like a partition or divider. The closet is kind of big as you can see in the photo. There is enough storage space between the beds as well so you can place your luggage there.

The size of closet is a kind of big as you see. There is enough storage space between beds as well. Even though it is not allowed for other students to enter other students’ room, every closet has a lock as one student is not living alone in the room.

monol dormitories

monol dormitories
Let’s look at the desk in detail. There is an individual built-in lamp and a power outlet. I can feel that the school considered how the students can comfortably study.
  1. BED

If you look at the bed, there is a mirror and storage space in between. There are locks and power outlets as well. The beddings are also clean as they change it every two weeks.

monol dormitories