Dormitories of Monol

It seems my first week was very long and time flew so slowly but during my second week, it is totally different. One of my Taiwanese friends who came to Monol earlier than I said that only the first week goes slow and the rest will be very fast. I realized my friend is correct! Today, I will talk about Monol’s dormitories.

For many reasons I changed my dormitory twice already that is why I have much information to tell you guys.


★ First Dormitories: ROOM FOR 3

■ Conversation with roommates + Sharing information about Monol and  Baguio

I registered just a few days before the term began so I didn’t have too many choices for my dormitory. At that time, the only available room was for three students.

If you want to stay in a specific room type, I recommend you to register early. It is usually always fully booked, especially the 3+1 room (3 students and 1 teacher).

Inside a room for three, there are 3 beds along the wall while the desks are on the opposite side. In between the beds are drawers with mirrors. This is where I put my cosmetics and other belongings. Also, there are sockets near the bed, which are very useful.

Dormitories 1

You get to communicate with other students more often in this room type compared to when you’re staying in a room for 2 or 1. However, the chances to do so would be at night only because of regular classes in the morning and afternoon.

At first, I chatted with my roommates in English but as time went by, my roommates spoke in Chinese all the time. That is why I transferred to another room.  (I am closer to my batchmates than roommates, actually.)

The good thing is, we have different time schedules so I don’t have any trouble using the shower or the toilet.

In the case of rooms for 4 and 6, all pieces of furniture are placed on two corners of the room and the center is for everyone. Because of this, I feel the room for 3 is smaller than the others.


★ Second Dormitories: ROOM FOR 2

■ Spacious room + wide bed

When I transferred to a room for 2, I was alone for a week. The management said the size of each room type is the same, which means the room for 2 has more space and is wider. The wide bed comforts me and removes my fatigue after one week with a single bed. If I had a roommate, we would be good friends while living in a room for 2 together. (Monol usually offers the room to a family because of the beds.)

My sleeping time got changed when I transferred to a room for 2. I am sure each type has its own rules to avoid disturbing roommates.

I recommend this room type to those who want to have a conversation with a minimum number of roommates and still have privacy. I was not able to take photos of the room but here are some photos from the website.


★ Third Dormitories: SEMI ROOM FOR 1

■ The neatest and tidiest room

My last room is the semi room for 1.

This room has a toilet and shower to share with another student. If you are sensitive to cleanliness, this room is for you.  Actually, the room is a bit small but there is no problem if you are alone and if you want to study more, it is a must to stay in a room for 1 or 2!

When I stayed in a room for 3, I was uncomfortable to review my listening subject. I always used my earphones or went to the lounge to avoid disturbing my roommates. But if you stay in a room for 1, you don’t need to worry about this anymore.

by Scarlett