Monol English Academy and Baguio City’s Panagbenga Festival

Baguio City

Monol English Academy and Baguio City’s Panagbenga Festival. It is summertime already in the Philippines, and most non-Filipinos expect very humid weather everywhere in the country. But did you know that there is someplace in the Philippines that has cool and mild weather? We are going to introduce to you a place that is very different from other known spots like Manila, Clark, and Cebu. 

Baguio City is the summer capital of the Philippines. Baguio is located around 5,000 feet above sea level. It is also the only accredited UNESCO Creative City in the Philippines. Moreover, Baguio residents are known for being honest, disciplined, and having a more conservative culture. 

The English Language and Baguio

It was during the 1900s that the Americans arrived in Baguio. Just like what the Spaniards wanted for Manila, the Americans wanted to develop Baguio in a way that was architecturally similar to their home country. As a result of the construction of various military bases, the city of Baguio became a regular vacation destination for American soldiers. With the lengthy amount of time that the Americans spent not only in Baguio but in the whole Cordillera region, English has become one of the common languages used by the locals.

Baguio residents use English in their daily lives which has astounded tourists from other parts of the Philippines. The English language has been so well established with the people that it is no longer a shock when a Baguio native speaks the foreign language fluently, regardless of age. You may wonder how it is that the title is about the Panagbenga Festival in Baguio. Hang on, young traveler, as we will get there soon.

Baguio’s Panagbenga Festival

Well, what is still there to know about Baguio? A deadly earthquake struck the Luzon island in 1990. At this time, Baguio City was isolated from the whole country for the first 48 hours and was among the areas severely impacted by the earthquake. Moreover, rescues had to be carried out via aerial operations due to Baguio’s geographic location. It was also this time of year when Baguio people’s resilience was put to the test. Indeed, the city was not restored to its former status right away.To pay tribute to the losses in such a calamity, the local government of Baguio created the Panagbenga Festival.

Panagbenga Festival is an annual and month-long celebration of the flower season in Baguio from February to March. Grand street parades and float parades are among the most anticipated events of the festival. This is where local schools and organizations compete with each other using traditional and contemporary art and movement techniques to flaunt the city’s culture and natural features. In the last week of the festival, the whole street of Session Road will be closed to vehicles so that local vendors can showcase their products and services to the public. This festival is highly regarded by culture and arts enthusiasts from around the globe.

February and March is an ideal time to study English and enjoy traveling

With Monol being located on one of Baguio’s noble mountains, the view is truly a spectacle. With the mountain view on one side and the city view on the other, the flower season can be an immersive experience for students. Monol does not only boast its ideal location but also has facilities that are truly beneficial for students. With the academy’s gym, yoga room, hot sauna, golf course, and rooftop picnic area, studying English becomes more convenient and enjoyable. Of course, Monol’s curriculum is a good place to start for students who want to learn English for travel or study purposes.

There is a big reason why you should enroll in one of our programs (General ESL, IELTS, or LEAP) today. Monol is always above and beyond just learning the English language. With our creed “live and learn,” we encourage our students to relax when they can. The best advantage that Monol offers aside from our weekend trips is that Baguio is a fun city to explore.


Here are some pointers on why you should study English in Baguio:

  • Locals can speak English and are hospitable.
  • There are lots of local and international restaurants.
  • The city is a recognized creative city.
  • The city has a cool and mild climate.
  • The lower cost of living is convenient.
  • Baguio is known for its low crime rate compared with other known Filipino cities.
  • Baguio can be your ideal place to relax and study English at the same time.

Why should you choose Monol when you travel and study English in Baguio?

  • Monol has an ideal location.
  • Our facilities are incomparable with other language schools.
  • Monol has a LEAP program that is for flexible learning.
  • Monol has excellent teachers to help students learn English the best way possible.
  • Monol encourages its students to explore and learn English in greater depth.

Here are the important events for Baguio’s Panagbenga festival this February and March