About Monol IELTS Mock Test

I am studying IELTS and preparing for the official exam in Monol.

My biggest burden when I took the IELTS course for the first time was taking a mock test every Friday. What is the mock test in Monol? It is a test to stimulate the procedure and atmosphere of the real official exam (listening, reading, writing, and speaking) at school. And all students who are taking the course are required to attend.

Every Friday or a day before, they would post the test schedule. Like this picture below.

Schedule of the Mock Test

Students will have a Q&A consultation with their teachers after the test. The Q&A is in individual writing, speaking and group reading and listening.

If you study IELTS for more than a term, you can guess what score you would get in the mock test. However, it never happens even for once!

What you will think about in your mind would be what your weaknesses are.

Actually I have studied in an academy in Korea for the official examination before going to Monol. The academy also offered the mock test but it was not a must.

I was afraid of encountering my real level that was why I have not tried taking the mock test and when I took the official test it just became just a waste of money.

But in Monol! The mock test helped me a lot.

Students are really serious in treating the test as an official exam and not a ‘Mock’ test. The good thing about taking weekly tests is that you can check your results after a few hours on the same day.

If your score is lower than the previous week, it motivates you to study hard.

If it is the other way around, if your score is higher than before, it also motivates you to study harder to be the nearer to your target score!

Everything makes you study hard anyway in Monol! hehe