Monol International Hails Chinese and Taiwanese Agents

Monol International Education Institute stands strong and exceptional with its 15 years of operation proving a merit more distinct among other ESL schools in the Philippines. It is no surprise that aside from the continuation of its purpose to providing quality English program to students from Asia, the school also aims to expand its market reach. That’s where Familiarization Tour takes place.

Monol International is part of Baguio English Schools Association, a prestige organization of 13 international ESL schools in the famous mountain city. BESA unites the academies and organizes FamTour to showcase the academic and student life of studying here to agents from different countries.

In April as Chinese and Taiwanese agents were once again set to get an on-hand experience of BESA academe. It was also an opportunity for Monol International to exhibit its excellence that had been tested and proven for many years.

The Chinese and Taiwanese agents learned about the well-tailored curriculum of Monol, and they approved it in the same manner that the government offices such as TESDA, Bureau of Immigration of the Philippines, and Department of Tourism lauded the school.

Following an itinerary, the agents had a tour inside the 14-story building and the campus in the foggy mountains of Pinsao. They initially listened to an overview of Monol in the lounge, and they were shown the facilities and amenities. The renovated building proved to be more convenient and conducive for living abroad, and the agents saw it before their own eyes. It is fair to say that living at Monol almost feels like you’re not far from home.

The Chinese and Taiwanese agents might have a brief visit to Monol but it was more than enough for the school to present all the top-notch English programs and first-rate dormitory services.

The City Tour