MONOL Kicks Off Summer at the Hundred Islands this 2023

Hundred Islands Trip (MONOL Weekend Trip March 2023).

What makes learning fun in Monol? Our weekend trips are one way that students can explore different famous spots in the Philippines. Studying another language is not an easy task. Studying English 5 days a week can become quite overwhelming for students who started at square one.

In our most recent weekend trip, we thought, “Where could be the best place to celebrate the start of summer in the Philippines?” Baguio City is located on the island of Luzon. Aside from the surrounding mountains, the ocean is just two hours away, and water activities are accessible. In our last weekend trip, Monol students enjoyed their Saturday in the surfing capital of the Northern Philippines—San Juan, La Union. So, it has made more sense to visit a place a little farther away.


The Hundred Islands National Park is located in Alaminos, Pangasinan. It also takes about 4 hours to travel there from Baguio. Students from Monol had a meet-up time of 5:30 AM on March 18. It is advised to travel early to have enough time for the different water activities. The ride was a little tiring for some students who are not really used to long travels, but it is also one way to see the different towns of the country even if we are just passing through. 

The best part about this weekend trip is the number of students who participated. All in all, there were twenty-one students from South Korea, China, Japan, Mongolia, and Saudi Arabia who joined the trip. Moreover, there were two Filipino staff members who led the group. In the recent weeks, there has been an increase in the number of students who have arrived to study English in Monol.


After the long travel time, Monol students have finally arrived at their destination. Since it’s 11 AM, the students ate brunch (breakfast + lunch) first. Different Filipino dishes such as pinakbet, ginataang alimasag, bicol express, torta, and many more were sold at the park’s food court. After a fulfilling meal, it’s now time to decide what water activities are best to try.

The boat ride is necessary to reach the different islands in the park. Students enjoyed the warm wind and sight of the blue skies, small islands, and clear water.

The first activity is helmet diving. This activity is a must when going to the Hundred Islands. It is better to do this early in the morning to see more underwater. But since it was a sunny day, Monol students were able to enjoy the view underwater and experience walking on the seafloor.

Riding the banana boat is a very appealing adventure for the students. The banana boat is pulled by a speed boat, and the boatman will let you pass by different islands.

While some students were enjoying the banana boat activity, some students decided to take a swim and bathe in the clear sea water.

The last activity was to go cliff diving. Not everyone had the courage to jump, but seeing the cave with bats was already pretty interesting.

The sunset could be the highlight of the day. Students enjoyed the beautiful sunset sea view when it was time to return to the main island.


Overall, it was a fun-filled day. It may have been tiring, but it was definitely worth it. Discovering the Philippines is also one of the perks when students come to study English here. Aside from the lower study costs, the quality of education is still guaranteed. Here at Monol, we prioritize giving our students a comfortable and fun experience during their study period. Do you want to be one of Monol’s students? Send us a message now, and we can help you have an affordable and fun learning experience.

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