MONOL ONLINE Registration

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Registration Guidelines

  1. Registration
  2. How can students take the class?
  3. Courses and Subjects
  4. Payment of fees
  5. Refund Policies


  1. Courses start every week wherein each registered class has a program duration of four (4) weeks. All classes should be consumed within the 4-week duration of each term.
  2. Available class hours: Mondays to Fridays (except on Philippine holidays – Monol guarantees 18 class days); 8:00AM to 11:00PM (except from 12:00PM to 1:00PM)
  3. Minimum registration: 1 class = 45 minutes
  4. Minimum duration: 4 weeks
  5. Monol will check the available time slots based on the students’ preference.
  6. For more inquiries on registration please get in touch with us through the following:

How can students take the class?

  1. All students are required to use an Online Classroom Software (ClassIn) to take classes. Download the manual to view the step-by-step procedures on installation, equipment setup, and entering classes.
  2. After downloading, installing, and registering in ClassIn, send us your mobile phone number and we will send you an invite.
  3. Don’t forget to accept our Friend Request to view your Course Calendar and class schedule.

Courses and Subjects

*Items in RED are subjects that are normally conducted for 2 CLASSES. If students wish to take these subjects, we encourage you to enroll the recommended classes (2 CLASSES) per day to meet the completion of the module in 4 weeks. Students may still enroll a minimum of 1 class for these subjects, however, lessons will be extended beyond 4 weeks.

*Level Test

  • Students will undergo a level test on the first day of class for 15 minutes.
  • We may schedule a level test with demo class on an earlier schedule if requested.
  • Requesting of schedule for the students’ level test and demo class should be done one (1) week before the registered start date.

Payment of fees

  1. Minimum duration for registration is four (4) weeks.
  2. Payment of fees will be per term or every four (4) weeks.

Refund policies

  1. Terms that have already started will no longer be refundable.
  2. Students may cancel their incoming terms provided that these did not start yet. For these cases, they can get 100% refund of the fees.
  3. Monol will hold and keep remaining classes of cancelled registrations for 6 months and the students may resume their course on their available time. However, should the students fail to finish their course; Monol will be forfeiting the remaining uncompleted classes.