MONOL ONLINE to launch on June 1, 2020

MONOL ONLINE introduces innovative ways of learning English in the comfort of your home!

Without compromising career and work schedules, students may reap the benefits of 1:1 learning through Monol’s comprehensive and dynamic curriculums, as if they are studying abroad.

This new program is open to all interested ESL learners anywhere around the world and will launch on June 1, 2020. All classes in MONOL ONLINE have a program duration of 4 weeks where students may enroll 1 class per day, but may also add more to complete a full course if their schedules permit it.

Traditional online ESL classes usually provide casual and carefree talking. On the contrary, MONOL ONLINE offers complete lessons in General ESL, IELTS, and Business English as modules in each course cover extensive lectures on each subject to open more venues for practicing and improving skills. To complete the full 1:1 learning experience, MONOL ONLINE has created an academically-conducive environment for both the teacher and student. Alongside the Online Classroom Software named CLASSIN, our teachers will also conduct classes in a real classroom!

Here are the courses and subjects offered in MONOL ONLINE:

Available class hours: 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM (except from 12:00 PM ~ 01:00 PM), Mondays to Fridays (except on Philippine holidays)
Minimum registration: 1 class per day for 4 weeks (1 class = 45 minutes)

**The General ESL course is helpful to those who wish to build their foundation and enhance their English communication skills. Meanwhile, the Post ESL courses such as IELTS and Business English focus more on reaching specific targets like a band score, a well-presented resume, or a professional business correspondence.

For some students, casual talking as a way of learning English works well amid their busy schedules. However, in reality, there is no guarantee in the retention of lessons and speedy skills improvement. MONOL ONLINE, on the other hand, offers a different kind of distance learning where learners can enjoy high-quality interaction with the guidance of our trained and experienced teachers and complete courses.

For more inquiries, you can reach us through the following:
WeChat: monolchina
LINE: monoljapan/monoltaiwan
KakaoTalk: mymonol