Monol reopens offline courses, first term to start on May 2022

Two years into a global pandemic and the ESL industry in the Philippines is finally ready to get back on its feet. During these idle years, we could only bring the study abroad experience to students through Monol Online. Now that borders and airports are once again open to welcome foreign tourists who wish to improve their English skills, we are excited to bring you the best in 1:1 learning known only here in the Philippines.

COVID-19 greatly shaped people’s lives. That is why when we open our first term on May 2, 2022, Monol will also enter into a “new normal” like the rest of the world.

1. Monol had to downsize its campus capacity to effectively enforce social distancing.

Pre-pandemic times, we were able to accept up to 290 students during our peak season. Even during the lean season, our campus would always be bustling with energy.

With COVID-19 still a threat, we had to do renovations to accommodate students in single and double-occupancy rooms. Naturally, with the conversion of rooms for 6, 4, and 3 to single and double rooms, our student capacity has been reduced dramatically.

2. Monol underwent major renovations to the campus to provide better facilities.

When the last batch of students left our campus, we took the opportunity to better our facilities. First, we were able to convert our classrooms to workstations of teachers for Monol Online. Our group classrooms were also expanded.  

More importantly, we were able to transform our rooftop into a fitness center for boosting health and wellness while enjoying a stunning view of Baguio City.

3. Monol’s dormitory fees decreased because of our adjusted services.

Serving meals to different nationalities is a huge challenge to academies even before the pandemic hit. Even with carefully curated menus, dissatisfaction still prevails among students of varying cultures and tastes.

As we gradually recover from the impact of the pandemic, Monol has adjusted its services and will no longer be serving meals. This is also to give more freedom to students who wish to explore the local cuisine and cook meals that suit their palate. Accordingly, common spaces for preparing meals will be provided and a restaurant will be opening in the same building. Food delivery has also become popular and easily accessible. Ordering food using famous platforms like Food Panda and Grab is just one tap away on a smartphone!

Now is the time for Monol and other tourism establishments to rise up from the devastating impacts of the pandemic.

We hope that we could once again be part of students’ lives – inspiring them to go above and beyond learning English and helping them create the most memorable study abroad experience here in the Philippines. See you soon!