Monol spends time with the kids of Kayang Extension Day Care Center

Last October 28 was not a usual Monday for some students at Monol, specifically the academy’s term B students. Instead of the usual Monday routine, student volunteers along with a few teachers headed to Kayang Extension Day Care Center to spend a fun morning with the kids!

As the outreach program began, everyone was slowly getting to know each other. Both Monol teachers and students put in the effort to work together to make the kids happy. For the morning’s activity, they were set to create paper plate arts and crafts together.

An artistic Monday with Monol

The kids happily crafted masterpieces of dinosaurs, bird’s nests, and even their own witch art, just in time for Halloween! The school provided materials such as yarn, glue, crayons, and paper plates.

After that, both kids and Monol students were all smiles when it was time to take the activities outside for some games. Although the games were new to them, the students gladly played along with the children. They had a fun time spending time with the kids and playing all sorts of relay and Ping-Pong games.

Lunch Time

When it was time for lunch, the kids were in for a treat as they were served delicious and creative meals made in the Monol kitchen. The menu included soup, fried chicken, vegetable lollipops, and tuna-cracker appetizers in the shape of ladybugs.

Time surely flies by when you’re having fun! Soon enough it was time to say goodbye to the kids. As a little Halloween treat, each child received a goody bag of chocolates as well as a healthy treat of apples and oranges.

The academy provides opportunities like these as part of  Monol’s diverse activities to enhance students’ experiences while studying. Moreover, the school and its students are able to extend a helping hand. As the students take part in community involvement programs, their stay in the Baguio becomes more memorable as well as fulfilling.