Monol Student Experiences

My Monol Student Experiences January 2023.

It’s a good day! For today, we are going to have our monthly My Monol Student Experiences.

Monol has over 15,000 graduates from around the globe. Being established since 2003, it has been 20 years that Monol provides English education for students who want to learn the language. Now, you might be wondering how Monol students have been doing since their first day in campus. We have interviewed four students in January to learn about their experiences here in Monol.

Rachel and Frank’s MyMonol Experience

“I want to study the English language to have more opportunities to enter good universities. I am glad that I have kind and patient teachers here in Monol to help me improve my English skills.”

“My favorite subject is my Speaking class. It has helped me communicate with other people and express my thoughts. I also like the environment here in Monol because the campus is surrounded by nature. I can focus well on my English studies.”

Abood and Jung’s MyMonol Experience

“When I first came to Monol, I only knew a little English. Today, after studying for 5 months, I can say that I have improved my English skills. I can communicate what I want to say, and I can create conversations with other people. I like my writing class because it taught me about the structure of sentences and helped me speak with better grammar. I really wanted to learn English so that I could be qualified for my dream company in our country.”

“I always wanted to learn English because I love to travel and explore different activities. After studying here in Monol, I plan to visit India and learn more about yoga. I want to improve my speaking and listening skills so that I can communicate more effectively. If I were given the chance to return to Monol and study English, I would definitely take that opportunity, as I appreciate my teachers and the people who have been so kind to me during my study duration.”

We will be interviewing students on a monthly basis. You can read more interviews next month. To learn more about Monol English Academy you can read our other blogs here.