Monol Teachers Help in Classroom Clean-Up

Monol teachers are not only friendly and passionate, but they are also dedicated as well! The academy recently conducted a classroom cleanup where the teachers actively played their part. Scheduled on the 8th and 22nd of July; term A and B teachers split the hard work of cleaning.

The teachers graciously spent their free time making the classrooms look good as new. Working hand in hand, the task was not just a simple clean-up wherein sweeping the floor would suffice. Monol’s classroom clean-up involved scrubbing the walls and doors clean. This also meant removing anything unnecessarily stuck on the walls like stickers, tape, thumbtacks, etc.

Instead of the usual booklets and pencils, the teachers could be seen carrying cleaning supplies and brooms. With every classroom they cleaned, it was left looking renewed with brighter walls and tidier surroundings. The tables and walls no longer had anything scribbled or stuck on them. Plus, it brought about a new appreciation of classroom maintenance.

Keeping it Clean

Additionally, this activity can bring many benefits to both teachers and students. The fresh feeling of a spotless classroom can be very conducive to learning. Teachers, on the other hand, can find more inspiration and motivation to teach in a cleaner classroom.

Since the students and teachers spend most of their time in the classroom, keeping it pristine is certainly the best option. In this manner, the academy hopes to give the best learning experience to the students.