Monol Valentine’s Day Gimmick February 2023

Monol Valentine’s Day 2023

Valentine’s Day is celebrated all throughout the globe every February 14. What does Valentine’s day even mean?

Valentine’s day is a celebration where people express their affection or appreciation for someone else. This could be by giving simple gifts such as flowers, sweets, or even going out on a date. Undeniably, Valentine’s day is not only limited for couples. It could also mean showing appreciation to a friend, family member, or someone people highly respect and admire.

Monol Valentine’s Day

Baguio City is a famous tourist place during cold and summer season for its picturesque nature views. Aside from that, February is a famous month where flowers are expected to bloom within the region. Thus, different flowers are sold around the city all year round but most especially during the Flower festival season, graduation dates, and of course Valentine’s day. How can one forget that the sunflower has been the symbol of Baguio’s flower season?

Monol celebrated Valentine’s day on the 15th. It might be a day late but we just want to extend the occasion. Although it is a still a regular day for everyone (regular classes and workday), Monol still managed to make the day a little special.

Monol’s Valentine’s Day gimmick is simple yet memorable for those who gave and received a special gift. Monol prepared a few things to sell to students and staffs. This special gift consists of a sunflower and chocolate sticks and is sold for PHP150. Students bought this special gift and have Monol deliver it secretly to their teachers. This shows how much Monol students truly value their teachers and proves that they are grateful for the lessons that they have acquired.

On the other hand, staffs also availed this special gift and gave it to coworkers or brought it home for their special someone. This shows that Monol staffs also appreciate the hard work of one another.

Indeed, Monol Valentine’s Day gimmick was simple but meaningful.