Monol welcomes students of Winter 2020 Camp and Family program

As a brand new year begins, Monol welcomes new enrollees from Taiwan, Korea, and China to the campus. Around 12 Taiwanese students from the winter camp arrived in the academy last January 18. At the same time, they were joined by the parents and children in the family program.

A trusted guardian accompanied the Camp students during their 3-week stay in Monol since the group was composed of teenagers. Meanwhile, the kids in the family program enjoyed learning English with their parents and guardians.

Camp students’ 3-week experience

The Camp students had their goals set not only on learning as much as they can during their stay but also in enjoying their visit to Baguio and the Philippines. Apart from their regular classes and lessons, they spent their free time engaging in Monol’s optional courses in the fitness program. 

Additionally, they also explored various places not only in Baguio but also in La Union. One weekend, they went to have some fun in the sun and even learned how to surf. 

When it comes to classes, some students got to experience conducting interviews to improve their speaking and conversational skills. All in all, it was a fun-filled and educational 3-week stay in Monol for the Camp kids.

What is Monol’s family program?

Monol gives the opportunity to make learning English into a family activity. Not only does the program promote the wonders of English, but it also encourages the adults to be role models for the children when it comes to learning the language.

With the family program, the adults attend General ESL classes, whereas the kids follow a curriculum suited to their needs and their age. The kids have the opportunity to learn ESL at an early age while being in a comfortable environment with their parents or guardians.