Monol celebrates a cozy Christmas 2019

December 20 marks a special Christmas celebration for Monol teachers and employees. Despite the cold breeze and drizzle, the academy’s Christmas party was warm as ever as everyone was basking in the Christmas cheer together.

Sporting comfy and cozy sweaters and hoodies in Christmas colors, everyone enjoyed a fun evening filled with raffle draws, performances, and games. The event was at Hardin Resto and Café, Leonard Wood Baguio city.

Cozy Christmas Villages

Baguio is known for its incredible displays and Christmas festivities. This year, tourists flocked the city to witness the Christmas lights at Session road and various Christmas villages at different establishments.

General ESL
Post ESL

With this, the school also decided to bring their own twist of a Christmas Village to the students. The different office departments formed teams and crafted creative miniature cozy Christmas villages and displayed around the school lobby and lounge.

Among the six teams, the judges chose their top three. Here are the winners:

  1. General ESL Department
  2. Post ESL Department
  3. Accommodation and Services Department

The two teaching departments, as well as the ASD, were victorious in their efforts in showing the cozy Holiday spirit in their villages.

Meanwhile, for the other departments, they received consolation prizes for their equally amazing efforts in creating their displays.

Aside from the games and raffle draws, the teachers delighted the audience with several performances. From electrifying pop choreography to a comical rendition of the iconic Mean Girls Jingle Bell Rock performance, the teachers did it all! The office staff also showed their talents with singing and dance numbers.

As the year 2019 ends, Monol’s cozy Christmas party is etched as a night of bonding, laughter, and treasured moments.